Wiccan spells to recover a lost love

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Wiccan spells to recover a lost love

lost-loveThe breakup in a relationship can be one of the most painful experiences in life especially if you have not forgotten that lost love. In that situation, Wiccan love spells can help you to attract your loved one back to get another chance to make it better. However, there are things you need to know before starting with this magic.

Something to understand before casting the Love Spell

The first thing you need to know is that due to the nature of this magic is objective is to attract that person back and give you the opportunities you want. This means that the lost love spells alone will not bind your loved one to you but that you will have to put an effort when the chance comes. The magic may bring you together with your lost love but the final success will depend on you.

The second thing is that Wiccan lost love spells are not to force the free will of the target. On the flipside, it means that the stronger the mutual attraction or feelings are the stronger your love spell will be. Take note that you can increase your chances if your loved one is still single and you can see each other occasionally.

If your lost love is no longer alone then the nature of the spell is not only to mend a broken link but also to tear a new one, and if it is a willing relationship, your love spell will most likely fail.

The last important thing is that Wiccan lost love spells rely on the energy supplied mainly by three forces: You, The World, and The Ritual. The stronger the influence of each force the better your spell will work and the greater your chances to get back your lost love.

Your willpower is necessary

As it is a spell to recover a lost love, the intent when casting it is especially important. You need to be relaxed and tranquil when casting the spell so it is good to dedicate an hour before the spell to relax or meditate. That way when you start casting there will not be distractions.

The purpose of your willpower in the spell is to guide it and give it direction. In essence, your intent when casting is the same for the spell that tracks are to trains. If you are unfocused or thinking of something else your spell will be astray and the energy used will not have an objective.

When the time to cast the spell comes, you will have to focus on your feelings of love and passion. Think of your lost love and the good times you had together and picture each other coming back and enjoying a happy life again. To recover a lost love the energy and intent you need is the one that comes from purity, passion, and romance.

If possible, picture meeting each other in a plausible situation and making a positive approach to your lost love. The clearer your image the better the love spell will work.

How can the world influence your love spell?

The part the world plays in your spell is to give the energy necessary for it to work. When casting a Wicca spell you guide the energy given by the world to do your will and bidding. That is why you have to take into consideration the circumstances of the world when you make your ritual. The better the conditions of the world the more energy you will have available for your spell.

For love spells, you have to take into account the phase of the moon and the day of the ritual. Love or attraction spells benefit of casting on days with Waxing Moon especially on the first quarter. Casting your spell on a Friday night with a waxing moon will give the spell an extra power boost to bring back home your lost love.

Making the ritual

Now that you picked a proper night for your lost love spell, we can finally proceed with the ritual.

The Ritual will be your medium to canalize and focus the world energy to do your bidding. Of course, it needs the proper elements to make sure that the results of your spell are what you wish.

For this spell, you will need:

  • A medium sized candle that can be white, pink, or red depending on your intent when casting the spell.
  • One picture of yourself and one of your loved one.
  • A sterilized needle or pin.
  • Essence oil of rose, olive or lavender.
  • Finley Powdered Basil.
  • A white handkerchief.
  • A quiet place with sight to the sky to make your spell.

How to cast a lost love spell step by step?

The steps to cast the ritual are the following:

  • First, you need to dress the candle with the oil and powdered basil. For that, you have to cover the candle from top to middle in the olive oil and then from the bottom to the middle. After covering the whole candle in oil, you need to roll it on the powdered basil to make it stick to the candle.
  • Light your candle while keeping the mental image of your lost love coming back and put it safely in front of yourself.
  • Prick the heart finger on your dominant hand with your needle,
  • Let a drop of your blood fall in the picture of your lost love where the heart is and repeat it with your picture.
  • Put the pictures face to face and secure both of them with the needle going through the hearts.
  • Envelope the pictures in the handkerchief and keep them by the candle.
  • Close your eyes picture again your lost love coming back and recite:

Moonlit sky, hear my plight

Bring (name) back to me

May my will guide your light

As I say it that shall be

  • Keep the candle on in a safe place until it burns out by itself and the picture by its side.

On a final note when picking your candle, consider that the white one stands for purity, the pink one for romance, and the red one for passion. Remember that the color you chose must match with the intent you have when casting your lost love spell.

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